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10 COVID-19 and Vaping Facts You Need to Know

vaping & covid 19

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to spread across the world, some people have been worried about vaping. It’s understandable: as coronavirus is a respiratory disease, is it wise to continue vaping?

Throughout the pandemic, there has been a lot of speculation about the effects of vaping and COVID. Half-truths have spread like wildfire. Today, we’re going to give you hard vaping facts that you need to know about vaping and COVID-19.

Are you ready to find out more about how your favorite hobby and the pandemic interact? Wondering whether it’s safe to start vaping right now? Then read on and get informed.

1. Should You Disinfect Your Vape?

It’s recommended that to stay safe during the pandemic, you disinfect your vape every so often, especially if you’ve been outside. This is because coronavirus can stay on surfaces for a long time, which means that putting the vape’s drip tip into your mouth after exposure is a bad idea.

Yet how can you disinfect your vape and stay sanitary? Wiping down the mouthpiece with a disinfectant wipe is a good idea but take it out of the vape first. You may also want to rinse it with warm water before putting it back on the vape.

Wiping down the exterior of your vape with a disinfectant wipe is also a good idea, especially if anyone else has had contact with it. It’s highly recommended that you don’t share your vape pen with anyone during the pandemic.

We would also recommend that you wash your hands after you’ve been outside for any length of time or had contact with other people, before touching your vape.

2. Can Vaping Increase Complications?

This is one of the most sought-for vaping facts during the pandemic. There is little research to suggest that vaping will increase your risk of complications but this has not been thoroughly researched as of yet. What is known is that vaping is much less harmful than smoking for most people and that.

Smoking comes with an increased risk of developing lung infections and also harms the immune system. Putting your hand to your face to smoke can also increase your risk of being infected. Second-hand smoke can also put those around you at risk.

Therefore, quitting smoking is a good idea during the pandemic, whether you prefer to smoke tobacco or cannabis. Vaping appears to be a safer option than smoking for most people.  

3. E-Cigarettes Are Not a Cause For Concern Regarding Popcorn Lung

Some people are worried that if they vape they will develop a condition called popcorn lung. Called this because the disease was not uncommon among workers at a popcorn factory, this condition makes your lungs inflamed which can cause breathlessness and, eventually, death.

The main cause for concern around vaping and popcorn lung is a chemical called diacetyl. This chemical is sometimes used as a flavoring and when heated and inhaled, may damage your lungs.

The accusation is that there’s a lot of diacetyl in vape juice but this isn’t the case. While there is diacetyl in some e-liquids on the market, there’s far less of it in vape juice than in cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke contains substantially more diacetyl than vape juice, which means that you’re at a greater risk of popcorn lung if you keep smoking than if you switch to vaping.

4. The FDA Regulates the Contents of E-Cigarettes

If you buy from a reputable seller and not from shady sources, you can buy vape juice with confidence. It isn’t the case that no one knows what’s in vape juice and therefore it’s not safe to use.

When a manufacturer wants to put a juice on the market, they need to submit a full list of ingredients to the FDA. If it isn’t safe, it will get pulled.

However, there are still some risks involved with buying vape juice. If you buy it from a third-party reseller, you need to ensure that you are getting the genuine product. We would also heavily recommend that you avoid buying THC cartridges from the dark web, as it’s thought that these have previously been contaminated with vitamin E, which is toxic when vaped.

When you buy vape juice, make sure that you always buy it from a reputable seller.

5. Second-Hand Vape is Not As Harmful As Second-Hand Smoke

Earlier we mentioned that second-hand smoke can increase your chances of developing complications if you’re infected with coronavirus. However, the risk is not as high with second-hand vape.

While there are some harmful chemicals in second-hand vape at low levels, including carcinogens, there’s evidence to suggest that it is not as harmful as second-hand smoke. One study concluded that second-hand vape posed practically no risk.

To be on the safe side, you may wish to avoid vaping around children, pregnant women, and those with lung conditions.

There is also a risk that second-hand vape could spread COVID19 in its clouds. While some scientists dispute this claim, we would recommend that during the pandemic, you don’t vape around others.

6. E-Cigarettes Can Help You Quit Smoking

While some bodies in the US argue that vaping can’t help you quit smoking, other studies abroad have found otherwise. This study, for instance, showed that those who vape quit smoking at a greater rate than those who used other nicotine replacement products.

In a very important to note that reductions in smoker’s cough and phlegm took less time with people who used e-cigarettes. This means that if you make the switch to a vape pen like the Prime One, you may be able to get rid of your smoker’s cough and congestion faster.

7. Not All E-Liquids Contain Nicotine

If you are concerned about starting to vape because you’re worried about getting hooked on nicotine, you don’t need to worry. Not every e-liquid contains nicotine, so if you want to avoid it, you won’t have any trouble.

There is no need to vape liquid that contains nicotine if you don’t want to. If you would prefer to vape marijuana concentrates, you can avoid nicotine altogether, which may make vaping a more comfortable switch for you.

8. Vaping Doesn’t Make People Start Smoking

Avoiding smoking is a very good idea, especially during the pandemic. Therefore, when people read that vaping can work like a gateway drug for cigarettes, they often worry about vaping.

While you shouldn’t start vaping if you don’t smoke, it’s not true that people who vape go on to smoke.

According to one study, as vaping got more popular, rates of smoking fell among young people. The rates of smoking have not risen despite more people vaping.

9. Nicotine Does Not Cause Cancer

Some people are worried about using vape juices that contain nicotine because they’re worried it will cause cancer. While nicotine is found in tobacco, it is not the chemical responsible for causing cancer.

There are thousands of different chemicals in cigarettes, including known carcinogens. Nicotine is not one of these carcinogens. Used in isolation, nicotine will not cause cancer.

10. Nicotine Won’t Protect You From COVID But it Won’t Harm You Either

There has been some speculation that nicotine has a protective effect against COVID-19. Sadly this doesn’t seem to be true and there is very little evidence that suggests this.

However, it’s also true that nicotine in isolation does not make your body more susceptible to COVID-19. As with cancer, it is the other chemicals in cigarette smoke that can damage your lungs, not nicotine itself.

Therefore, while you shouldn’t reach for high-nicotine vape juices to protect yourself from COVID, they won’t make you any more at-risk either.

Vaping Facts and Myths

By now, we hope that we’ve given you some crucial vaping facts about how COVID and vaping interact. We also hope you’ve enjoyed our work to bust some myths about vaping in general.

For obvious reasons, you want your lungs to be in their best shape when you’re dealing with the threat of COVID-19. As it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon, why not quit smoking and start vaping instead? As smokers are at a higher risk than the general population, you could be doing yourself a huge service by quitting smoking.

We recommend that you only use the very best cannabis concentrates with your Prime One vape pen. If you have any questions about making the switch to vaping or how to use your Prime One with concentrates, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us! You can email us at support@primevapeco.com or call us on +1 (800) 387-7290.

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