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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide on How to Use a Vape Pen

guide to use a vape pen

According to the US CDC, an estimated 34.2 million adults in the country were smokers in 2018. That’s a massive number, but it did indicate a 7.2% reduction from the count back in 2005.

One plausible reason for this decrease is that some smokers switched to vaping. In 2018, there were an estimated 3.2% of US adults who used e-cigarettes or “vaporizers.”

If you’ve decided to ditch tobacco cigarettes, you’re likely wondering how to use a vape pen. You may have heard that smokers who’ve turned to vaporizers are more likely to quit. Indeed, there appear to be higher quit rates among those who use e-cigs and vapes. This, in turn, suggests that vaping may be helpful for those who want to kick the habit.

To help you master the art and science of vaping, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about using vape pens. Read on to learn what they are, how to use them, and the best practices for using them.

Stay Safe and Disinfect the Package

Early studies on COVID-19 found that the virus that causes it can stay on plastic surfaces for up to three days. The pathogen SARS-CoV-2 can also stick to stainless steel surfaces for the same number of days. In addition, the virus can remain airborne for up to three hours.

So, what then is the link between COVID-19 and vaping?

For starters, several people may have handled your packaged device before it got to you. To ensure the safe shipment of your vape pen, couriers may have wrapped it with plastic, like bubble wrap. They may have also covered it with paper and cardboard materials to make sure it gets to you safe and sound.

Now, keep in mind that these external materials have had exposure to the outside elements. Unless you check it under a microscope, you won’t be 100% sure what’s on those surfaces. That’s why the first thing you should do when you get your brand new vape pen is to disinfect the package.

The fastest way to do this is to use a disinfectant spray on the wrapped item. It’s best to don gloves too when handling the package. Once you’ve unwrapped it, you may want to wipe down the exterior of the packed vape as well.

Don’t forget to wash your hands after you’ve unraveled your brand-new vape pen.

While all these may seem tedious, remember: it’s better to be more cautious than sorry. By keeping things sanitary and disinfected, you’ll have less to worry about as you enjoy your new vape pen.

Familiarize Yourself With the Pen’s Anatomy

One of the most critical steps on how to vape is to understand what comprises your vape pen. Unless you bought a disposable pen, then your vape pen starter kit should be rechargeable.

A rechargeable vape pen would have at least three main parts. This includes the mouthpiece (also known as the “drip tip”), the body, and the cartridge. The body is the largest component, and it often houses the battery and the atomizer.

The drip tip, or mouthpiece, is the part that you “puff” or “suck” from. This is a removable component, so it’s easy to wash and sanitize.

The best vape pens for sale also use long-lasting, high output lithium-ion batteries. As mentioned above, they’re inside the pen’s body, which you can then recharge via USB.

The atomizer, on the other hand, serves as the heating element of the pen-like vaporizer. Some of the best units out there utilize ceramic heating chambers and plates. These provide greater control over the heat, so you can also customize the heat settings. The cartridge is the section that you load with e-liquids or cannabis concentrates. Like the mouthpiece, it should also be completely detachable from the vape pen’s body. This helps ensure that you can quickly clean the container for future loads.

Read the Instruction Manual

Right after you’ve unwrapped your brand-new vape pen, read the instruction manual carefully. This will tell you if you need to recharge the battery before use, and for how long you need to charge the device.

It’ll also give you a lot of other useful info, such as diagrams of how to assemble the pen. You’re sure to find tips on how much e-juice or cannabis concentrates to load in the cartridge too.

Start Slow

Hopefully, you’ve done this part before you bought your first-ever vape pen. If not, it’s crucial to test yourself for vape concentrate or e-liquid allergies first. This is especially vital if you plan to vape e-juices, which may have potential allergens.

Propylene Glycol

Allergies don’t affect every vaper, but some do have reactions to propylene glycol (PG). It’s an additive often found in food and beverage products, including e-liquids. According to the FDA, though, PG is “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS). One way that PG can cause adverse effects is through its water-absorbing properties. In some people, this can then lead to slight dryness in both the mouth and the throat. It’s because of this that some people cough after puffing PG-containing e-liquids.

Vegetable Glycerin

In case you do have sensitivities to PG, it might be best to switch to an e-juice using vegetable glycerin (VG). As with PG, the FDA also classifies VG as GRAS.

In the vaping community, there’s a perception that PG does have a higher irritating effect than VG. In this way, using VG-based e-juices may reduce your risks of irritation or dehydration. In addition, VG is more viscous than PG, which means it creates bigger vape “clouds.”

This is why it’s super important to test yourself for e-liquid allergies before buying a lot of the stuff. This way, you can reduce your odds of excessive coughing or gagging when using your brand-new vape pen.

Testing the Stuff Out

One way to test for e-juice allergies is through a dermatological patch test. Doctors usually administer this, but you can also do it at home with caution. An in-home test involves dabbing a tiny amount of an e-liquid on a small area of your skin.

If no redness, swelling, or rashes occur, then you may not be allergic to the stuff. However, you should still start slow when you begin vaping. For your first puff, do a slow, gentle draw and see how your body reacts.

If things go smoothly and you don’t get coughing fits, then you may gradually increase the force of your puff.

Initial Burn-Off

Some veteran vapers say that a preliminary or “initial” burn-off is vital for new devices. This involves switching the vape pen on without loading the cartridge or chamber. This may help burn off any substance left-over from the manufacturing process.

Before you do the burn-off technique, though, you should double-check your manual. There may be specific first-time use instructions there. Follow these to a T, so you can be sure that your device works excellent from the get-go.

Load the Cartridge

After the preliminary steps, it’s time to load your cartridge with your desired e-juice. If you’re using concentrates, you may not have to fill up the entire chamber.

However, be sure to check with your concentrate supplier first. Some concentrates or waxes may come with specific instructions on how much to use per load.

Once you’ve topped up the cartridge, carefully screw it onto the body of your vape pen. Be sure that you’ve also secured the mouthpiece to the other end.

Take the First Puff

Now, bring the drip tip over to your lips and take a slow, short, and gentle drag. Allow yourself to get used to the feel of the device. Let out the vapor, paying careful attention to any sensations your body may be having.

Don’t worry if you cough a few times at first, as this is common among first-time vapers. If you do cough, be sure to let yourself rest for a few seconds before you take the next drag. You may only have to adjust the length of drawing time you exert on the device.

Avoiding Vaped Nicotine Headaches

If you’ve switched to vaping from cigarette smoking, beware of nicotine headaches. This can occur if you vape e-juices that have nicotine content.

Keep in mind that vaping, unlike traditional cigarettes, doesn’t involve combustion. Since it doesn’t burn away like tobacco, you may find yourself raising your “puffing” effort. You may vape longer without noticing it right away.

However, longer puffs on a vape can lead to more nicotine entering your system. High amounts of nicotine, in turn, can result in dizziness, nausea, or headaches.

To avoid such adverse effects, trim the length of time that you spend on puffing. Each drag should also be slow and steady, with the hit lasting for only a few seconds.

Do you best to avoid “chain-vaping” too. This is pretty much like chain-smoking, wherein you keep puffing away at a cigarette.

If you “chain-vape,” it means that you rapidly switch from inhalation to exhalation. You then repeat these two steps in quick succession. Doing this can ultimately result in side effects like dizziness and headaches.

Reducing Your Nicotine Intake

Studies found that e-cig vapors contain lower doses of toxicants than cigarette smoke. However, if your goal is to quit smoking altogether, then you need to control your nicotine intake. Choosing an e-liquid with a lower nicotine content than what you’ve become used to is a good way to start.

Do note that some people have successfully quit smoking by going cold turkey. If you’ve tried this time and time again to no avail, though, then the “weaning off” process may be an ideal approach. This involves the slow and gradual reduction of nicotine intake, which may last for up to three months or so.

If you want to try weaning off, you need to factor in how heavy a smoker you are. For example, consider that tobacco cigarettes have nicotine contents averaging 10.2 mg. E-liquids, on the other hand, have varying nicotine levels ranging from 0 to 24 mg/ml.

If you smoke a lot, as in one pack or more a day, consider trying an e-juice containing 18 mg/ml of nicotine. If you smoke about half a pack a day, go for anything between 6 and 12 mg/ml. If you smoke just a few sticks a day, then a 3 mg/ml dose may be enough to start with.

The dizzies and other signs of nicotine withdrawal may still hit you, though. However, they may not be as bad as if you would quit cold turkey. Still, your goal is to quit smoking tobacco, so you should keep reducing your nicotine intake.

Practice Makes Perfect

Vaping may take twice longer to provide the same nicotine satisfaction as cigarettes. Meaning, if you only spend five minutes on a stick of cigarette, then you may have to double this up if you vape. This may be helpful in averting vaping side effects like coughing or headaches.

This increased time usually has to do with the shorter drags that you may have to take as a first-time vaper. Going slow is often an ideal practice as you develop your vaping skills. Over time, though, you’ll find yourself “acclimatizing” to your vape pen and the manner in which you drag.

As you spend more time vaping than smoking, you’ll find yourself taking bigger hits. You’ll also inhale and hold in the vapors longer. All these will become second nature, so long as you keep practicing with your vape pen.

how to use a vape pen

Keep in Mind These Tips on How to Use a Vape Pen Right From the Get-Go

There you have it, your ultimate guide on how to use a vape pen, the safe and proper way. The most important thing is to disinfect the package right after it gets delivered to your home. From there, read the instruction manual to ensure the correct set-up and assembly of your pen.

Once you’ve put together your device, it’s time to load up for some vaping action.

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