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A Complete Guide to the Best Cannabis Concentrates

Best Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates have been popular since ancient times. China
and India first learned to separate the active components from the rest
of the cannabis plant thousands of years ago.

Talented ganja experts have been perfecting the fine art of extracting
ever since, with the last decade seeing a revolution in CBD and THC
concentrate production. The tastiest, most desirable of marijuana’s list
of ingredients are trichomes, terpenes and cannabinoids.

To get the best out of these ultra chill buzz-inducing concoctions, use a
vape pen with a ceramic chamber. So far, it appears to be a healthier
way to bun than rolling doobs — and concentrates get you more licked
than bud..

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Modern extracts use solvents to isolate the desired compounds and
deliver an ultra-strong hit of weed goodness. Classic non-extract
concentrates like hash are made manually or using simple machines.

Producers either gather the THC-rich resin from the cannabis plant or
use ice-cold water and a sieve to extract the trichs, terps and

The result of both products is much stronger than flower or weed
alone. Most concentrates contain at least 60% THC, with products
available including 90% THC and upwards… Unless you buy low-quality
hash, which includes a high percentage of contaminants. A word of
advice — don’t do this to yourself!

Non-Extract Cannabis Concentrates

Non-Extract Cannabis Concentrates

Classic concentrates are popular because they’re produced without the
use of chemicals and still deliver a banging high.


Hash is traditionally produced in countries like Afghanistan, Morocco,
India and Lebanon. Farmers dry the cannabis plants in the sun and then
manually or mechanically beat them to release the resinous dust. After
collecting the dust, they press it together into those old school dark
brown blocks.


If you’ve got a grinder with a compartment at the bottom — you’ve
tried a basic form kief. It’s made using a refined version of the hash
process. Producers deploy static electricity and silkscreens to sieve the
dust from the most potent strains and make the most refined iterations
of kief on the market.

Rosin Hash

Rosin is probably the trendiest non-solvent concentrate available right
now. Before 2015, it was pretty much unheard of that you could make
a high-quality oil using just pressure and heat. It was Phil Salazar’s

YouTube channel that showed us all the magic of a piece of parchment
paper and a pair of hair straighteners. Of course, it’s available in
dispensaries — and they tend to use more high-tech production

Bubble Hash

Bubble or ice hash is made by using ice or iced water to freeze the
marijuana plant. This annoys the resin glands, and they detach from
the surface of the flower. These resin glands contain all the sticky icky
needed to make an ultra-strong smoke.

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Extract Cannabis Concentrates

extract cannabis concentrates

Without getting too technical — a solvent is a liquid that dissolves a
solid to create a liquid solution. Carbon dioxide, propane, butane and
alcohol are popular choices for solvent-based cannabis extracts.


The name shatter describes the brittle, glassy texture of this cannabis
concentrate. It’s made using a solvent, a closed-loop system and a
vacuum oven.


Wax is produced in a similar way to shatter, except the impurities are
removed differently and the temperature is slightly lower. Some
people only use large, non-portable dab rigs to smoke these types of
concentrates. However, you can use a portable vape pen that uses a
ceramic bowl for on-the-go dabbing.


Crumble is made using a similar method to wax, except more moisture
is included in the process. It’s also created using a lower temperature,
so the resulting product is a terpene-rich crumbly wax that tastes even
better than regular THC wax.


Also produced in the same way as wax and crumble, budder has higher
moisture content and the consistency of butter. It’s an excellent choice
for less experienced cannabis lovers because it’s slightly more forgiving
than shatter.


You can use butane hash oil to make budder, hash, shatter or any other
type of hash oil. It’s dangerous to try this one at home, but the results
are pure fire.


Instead of butane, PHO extracts use propane. It carries a slightly lower
risk of combustion than BHO, but the process should only take place i
controlled conditions.

Live Resin

Live resin is made using the BHO process, except it’s made with
cryogenically frozen marijuana flowers. The result is a super fresh
terpene profile unlike anything else you’ve ever toked on before.

Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson was a brave fighter for the good green herb. He fell off
his ladder at work one day, which resulted in permanent dizziness and
tinnitus. When doctors refused to prescribe him medical cannabis, he
took matters into his own hands, grew his own cannabis plants and
started making extracts. A few years later, he found some bumps on his
arm that turned out to be cancer.

After reading medical literature that claimed THC has a positive effect
on killing cancer cells, he created a super high strength oil. He applied
it topically and inhaled it, and his bumps vanished. While it’s not being
touted as a cure for cancer yet, it’s certainly making waves in the
medical community

Which Cannabis Strains Make the Best Concentrates?

Concentrates let cannoisseurs taste the accurate terpene profile of the
strain they’re imbibing. The effects and flavors of each pheno come to
life in a vape pen, whether you prefer Indicas, Sativas or hybrids.

  • Glue Trap
  • Gelato #33
  • Purple Space Cookies • The New • Candy Kush • Lemon Cheese
  • Blue Cookies
  • Fruity Pebbles OG
  • Gas Leak
  • Strawberry Banana zkittlez

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